We’re famous! (In Canada)

For weeks I had been stressing, and thus putting off, writing the first real blog post for this site.  I thought it was going to have to be something just short of a manifesto.  See, I thought the concept behind “Smart Phones, Stupid People” was going to take some explaining to do.  Like how its not just traffic fatalities, people being rude or just plain ignoring each other, but instead some sort of deep philosophical argument that would require hours of writing and rewriting.  All that was to justify how I really wanted to make a boatload of money with an obscure website nobody visits. So I never got around to it.  In the meantime someone else took a shot at it instead.

This article, by Paul Sullivan, appeared in one or several Canadian newspapers.  I’m not even sure.  Maybe it was just online.  What I did notice was the response the article generated, measured in almost a near doubling of people who now ‘like’ the Facebook version of this site.  On Facebook I had been posting news stories or other smart phone related things, and maybe once a month someone would check it out by accident and decide to stick around.  Now a lot more people have stuck around.  And by a lot, I mean about 30.   So a big thanks to Sullivan and whatever various newspapers published his article, either in print or online.  I’m still not sure.

I’ve read the article titled “Whose Idea was it to Give Smart Phones to Stupid People Anyway?” and well, I guess it sums up what this place is about.  I’m not familiar with Sullivan’s writing but I could almost detect a sarcastic undertone to the entire article.  Maybe that’s just me though.  I’m still glad for the mention and putting the idea that smart phones really don’t make their users any smarter into the heads of many more people than I was.  Bravo.

Hello world, first post!

Getting started on this website and blog has been a long time coming.  Finally though, if one wants to get things done then that goals need to be set and time needs to be set aside to accomplish something.  Like any chore this post is one of those things. The hope though is that once started, the effort will seem less of a chore and snowball into a labor of love.  It’s something that I’ve wanted to do, but never did it. Now I have.

The goal moving forward is to get things going here.  I’ll have to write some content, I’ve got ideas for that.  Hopefully I can post at least once a week starting in August.  Then I can work on driving traffic to the site and exploring other options. (You know, those damn bumper stickers)

First post though, so nothing revealing is going to be said here.  I’m going to keep the look very basic.  In fact the current look was more than I hoped for, even really wanted.  But the internet is a visual medium, so I’ll settle for pictures.  Last, and most importantly, I want to have fun with this.  If I ever stop posting it’s because it was no longer any fun.

-Alex Bell